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Bath Conversions, Phoenix

Does your bathroom lack some flair? A brand new bathtub may just be the thing to make your bathroom look stunning! Converting your shower to a tub or vice versa is easy in Phoenix when you work with the team of professionals at RemodAZ. Get ready to have a luxurious spa experience at home with your new shower to tub conversion!

Why Convert Your Phoenix Bath Conversion?

If your shower is hard to clean and uncomfortable to use, it may be time for an upgrade. Why not give your home the makeover it deserves and convert your old shower into a brand new bathtub! RemodAZ knows that space is important when it comes to your bathroom remodel, and are experts at using your bathroom layout to its full potential. Just think of who you can look forward to from a shower to tub conversion from RemodAZ in Phoenix 

  • Relaxation – A spa like experience at home
  • Easier to clean – New non porous finishes make your new tub easier to clean
  • New look – So many options, there is the perfect tub to match your unique style
  • Health – Removing and resisting rust, stains and grime deposits, your new tub is the healthy option for your family

Bathtub Conversions in the Phoenix Area

RemodAZ is proud to offer the largest selection of tubs in Phoenix! Matching your decor and style has never been easier, and with so many models to choose from, we can match a bathtub to your family’s budget. Don’t settle for a grimy old shower when RemodAZ can start installing your brand new bathtub today! 

Not ready to commit to just a bath? RemodAZ is proud to offer a selection of combination showers and tubs to give your bathroom the best of both worlds! You don’t need to choose! With the flexibility a combo unit offers, there is something to make every member of the family happy, comfortable and clean. 

RemodAZ’s Shower to Bathtub Conversion Projects in Phoenix

Give RemodAZ a call today to discuss your upcoming shower to tub conversion in Phoenix! Our designers are standing by to help you select the perfect tub for your home, or with any other bathroom remodeling projects you have in the works. 

Schedule your free consultation to view our full array of models available! Our online form is always available or give RemodAZ a call at 602-314-6199

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FREE QUOTE! ✓ Sale Ends Soon 06-01-2021

20% OFF Baths & Showers